Discovering a Cutting-Edge Library

What kind of memories do you have with a “library”?

A place we have to be quiet?

Or a place to concentrate on studying?

“A library” you know might not be something that makes you feel excited or brings vivid memories.

However, a library called “Dokk1” located in Aarhus, Denmark has become an essential part of Danish people’s life.

Being as a student in Aarhus, Dokk1 has become one of my favorite places in Aarhus.

Here are the reasons why:

First and foremost, you would be surprised its spectacular architecture.

Coming closer to the building, we cannot see if the building a library or not.
Some people may think it looks like a theatre or a company office.


This building was designed & constructed by Schmidt Hammer Hassen Architects, developing Dokk1 as a city icon of Aarhus as “the knowledge society,” encouraging developing creativity.

Now that Dokk1 has become famous not only for its architecture but also for its function to create a place to exchange and develop knowledge, technique or culture.

Also, the facility is full of people’s hope and ideas.

Not like an ordinary library you are familiar with, Dokk1 is a multiple functioned library where a citizen service center, office area, studying area, theater hall, cafe, etc. gather at one place.

This library would be one of the examples of a public facility built for the people, by the people.


Moreover, Dokk1 is open for all the people.

This sounds familiar when it comes to a public facility, but Dokk1 concerns any situations people would have.

For example, there is an area for children to play around inside and outside of the building at full stretch.

(Several playgrounds for both kids and adults)


There are also rooms for kids to do some handcrafts or for infants to play next to their parents.

(This is a “parking area” for strollers!)


In this sense, Dokk1 provides places for all the visitors so that they can enjoy the time spending at Dokk1.


The last thing I found interesting was you could eat and drink wherever you want.

Most of the libraries would not allow us to have any food or drink with care for books and other materials’ condition.

However, in addition to the cafe placed inside of Dokk1, people are free to bring food and drinks.

One of the reasons why this has become possible because Aarhus Municipality who runs Dokk1 trusts people, and so do the citizens.

Because of the mutual trusts, it has become possible to make the library much more free and open.


Seeing this, a library seems to have the potential to be an alternative facility in the modern society.

A shift from a library as a place only to borrow a book or study, to a place for the interaction of people or the development of culture would bring a breath of fresh air for creating a better society.




























デンマーク第2の都市、オーフスにある図書館 Dokk1は、公共施設という枠を超えて、利用者が求める図書館を実現させた施設ということができるでしょう。