渋谷 transforming to SHIBUYA

Once-in-a-century level massive development around Shibuya Station. Starting from the opening of Shibuya Hikarie in 2012, 9 redevelopment projects continue till 2023. Shibuya municipality is not only around Shibuya Station, but also unique districts such as Harajuku, Omotesando, Aoyama, Daikanyama, and Ebisu. These areas are called “Greater Shibuya”


The SHIBUYA CAST is one of the inclusive projects called the “Urban Revitalization Step-Up Project” sponsored by Tokyo metropolitan government. The area used to be a residential district, Miyashita-cho apartment, located in the middle of Shibuya, Aoyama and Harajuku. It is where one of the main shoppers heaven  called “the Cat Street” terminates. While there are many fashion and design shops on the street, if you take one street further, you reach the residential area. Unlike other parts of Shibuya, Commercial and Residential are standing next to each other. Various cultures and lifestyles come and go. Taking advantage of this type of landscape, the SHIBUYA CAST was built to inspire people’s creativity. As a facility that has various functions such as stores, offices, shared offices, housing, etc., it will be a base for creative activities.

“Live Shibu” Awards.


The architecture of the SHIBUYA CAST’s concept is “Echoes of Uniqueness / uneven harmony”, and various architects were chosen for color materials, facades, plazas, and floors. Each architect’s uniqueness merged into one. The 13th floor of the building is rental housing called “Collective house” where creators live and interact with each other. We held a competition among the future residents to gather ideas how to utilize this floor. We created a copy called “Living in Shibuya Award” and “Design for Living Shibuya” to convey a newness of the concept of “Living in Shibuya”. Also, by converting the letters of “Shibu” into a textile and expanding it to enclosures, flyers, and websites, we have established this image as an icon that embodies the big concept of the project.


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Communication during construction.


Communicating before the opening is very crucial, especially with local residents and workers. Less is more, we did not tell everything; with the least information and illustration would make their imagination even more broad. The illustration was done by an independent artist from Portland, Oregon. The core members of the project went there for a research trip in the beginning of the project. The portraits of models are Japanese creators, with the style of an overseas illustrator. A big portrait illustration gave a huge impact to the audiences. These series of posters  were hung in the metros, over ground trains and streets in Shibuya.

After the opening, we do communication tactics with the target audience, both companies and individuals, depending on the communication phase of the building. At the opening, April 2017, we created a visual of the future  SHIBUYA CAST and a tagline “WORK LIVE PLAY ” to clarify the identity of the building. This visuals and tagline are still displayed now as their vision.

Web journal that tells stories about SHIBUYA CAST.

BAUM LTD. is in charge of the website structure and design, as well as updating content creation -the Journal.

The Journal is the source of information about the SHIBUYA CAST. The goal of this journal is to approach the wider audience to be interested in and be excited about this building before the opening. The articles share behind the scenes of the SHIBUYA CAST project; why and how the project was made.

All photography was done by the YUKAI studio led by Masanori Ikeda.

BAUM LTD. keep updating to share what is happening at and around  SHIBUYA CAST. BAUM also took over its social media. What kind of people are gathering at this place and what are they doing? -sharing stories through people who are inside this building which usually cannot be seen. Creators who live in this building, neighbors, local residents, visitors; various people gather there. Contents are planned to address each audience who use this building.

Kotatsu and Theater as Tactical Urbanism.

One of SHIBUYA CAST’s visions is to be a “Connection point”. SHIBUYA CAST has many events to deepen its ties with the local community. Especially Christmas events are addressed to welcome the local communities. Winter in 2019, BAUM LTD. tried to make the garden space into a place where people work, live and play. People come and go with various reasons, but there is no place for everybody. Sharing the time and experience with the place. 

SHIBUYA CAST is growing as one of the everyday life places for the locals thanks to its supermarket on the ground floor. 

Since there are many schools and houses are closeby, people come to buy snacks, food, and talk on the bench after school.

Such a nice day at MARKET PLAYCE. 


An old man came to buy milk at a supermarket. He walked through the event at the garden on the way back home, he felt “Such a nice day”. The concept is “MARKET PLAYCE”, and the word “PLACE” is multiplied by “PLAY” to create an experience where you can play around the market and spend a relaxing time.

To create a feeling of the sharing space, we installed a long shared kotatsu and an outdoor theater.

The shared kotatsu is about 20m long, connects the entrance and the stairs, it gives a big impact to the people on the street. Kotatsu creates an “at home” and comfortable atmosphere. It is designed to be installed inside the room. So it is easy for people to join and sit there but at the same time it gives a bit of tension that you share Kotatsu with strangers. 

The outdoor theater brought a sense of nostalgia and togetherness. A tiny popcorn shop added some fun moments to small audiences and grownups. This is to create an extraordinary feeling of entering an indoor movie theater even though it was outside and cold.

Seats for the movie are of course, Kotatsu. We relayout for the movie. A sense of unity was created, and many people enjoyed the movie time as if they were in the same living room.




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