Ikegami Area Renovation

In March 2019, the “Ikegami Area Renovation Project” started at Ikegami Station on the Tokyu Ikegami Line and its neighborhood. This project was a town development project that utilizes local resources such as vacant houses. .

Communication with words.

Make everyone understand the idea of new town development.
Area renovation (renovation-type urban development) is a word that the younger generation may be able to guess even if they are not in a specialized profession, but many people may not understand it. This naming conveys the sense of scale that the creation of individuals lead to the development of Ikegami town.


Someone who has passion starts.
By utilizing the existing place, making a space for the future.
In this way, the atmosphere of the whole city changes.
Starting with one place, all the changes become vitality of the entire city.
Why don’t we start what we can do for the future?

Communicate with the future vision.

This project has no large-scale development. Instead of breaking or building buildings, this project creates opportunities, lively movements, and changes in the city. Traditional development plans are not suitable. This is the vision of the city; cherishing the good atmosphere and existing elements. An illustration of the entire Ikegami area has the streets of the approach to Honmonji Temple, which symbolizes Ikegami’s uniqueness, and the new station building and “SANDO,” which is the base of the project, including with the people of the city. This future vision expresses the future of Ikegami, where history and culture coexist with new lifestyles.

Illustrate and explain.

The new mechanism is always complicated to understand. This diagram was created to attract more people by making it easier to understand. It visually explains from 3 points of view; people who want to start something in Ikegami, owners who have local resources, and residents who are interested in community development, and the project.


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