Guide to getting lost in Hokkaido.

Niseko, Hokkaido. It is now one of the world’s leading ski resorts. Skiers gather here from all over the world, including Australia and China. The Ganwu area is about an hour drive from Niseko. Ganwu area wanted to attract inbound tourists who visit Niseko. The initial plan was to develop tourism resources to keep up with the Niseko area. However, Niseko and its neighborhood have already reached a very high level resort.

Zoom out.

Paying attention to the main tourist, Australian was the key. Australian authenticity is “discovery”. A national character that takes pride in its pioneer ancestors and loves nature. There are many backpackers in the younger generation, and even as they grow older, they travel around the world. It is one of the world’s leading adventurous nations.

Workshop : Explore “bizzare” places.

A workshop was held at the local public hall by gathering tourists and citizens. Everyone wrote down the “strange sights”, “disappointing sights” and “dangerous sights” which are unique to this area, and there were numbers of them. “The view is tremendous, but the stairs are broken”, “The famous hot spring is too hot to go in”, “Ugly looking dried fish”, and “Izakaya where stuffed seals welcome you”. Participants were so happy to introduce them.

Introduction as a deep area.

The Ganwu area at that time was not registered in Google Maps due to the name change. A deep and extreme area that even Google doesn’t know. It is an irresistible setting for adventurers.
We created a tagline called “GO DEEP” and promoted branding around this.

How to get lost in Hokkaido Guidebook.
The guidebook entitled “HOW TO GET LOST IN HOKKAIDO” by following the concept. The spots introduced by the locals in multiple languages.
The short film was created to be played in the Niseko area. The film shows a series of strange spots and caught the attention of tourists.


“GO DEEP” will continue to be the slogan of tourism promotion activities for local people. It is most important to take pride in the individuality of the area by connecting the characteristics of the area and the true intention of the target, rather than keeping up with the competitors.


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