Coffee Wrights

Coffee label for “Coffee creators”.

Their challenge is to innovate the whole experience of buying, brewing and drinking coffee. By roasting best quality single origin coffee beans, offering workshops and all brand experiences.


From the first tiny roastery at Sangenjaya in 2016, Branding of coffee labels located in Kuramae, Shibaura, and Omotesando. High-quality beans roasted by roasters in Kuramae can be purchased casually like a small grocery store, so that each customer can enjoy the coffee beans at home. The concept was approachable, a high quality and “your neighbor” coffee store.

The concept.

Many people are involved in a cup of coffee. Coffee farmers, roasters, baristas, and “you”. “You” who brew coffee in the morning between work and study. The commitment to each process makes delicious coffee. The concept of a coffee label is for everyone, from producers to consumers. It was inspired by the barista’s words, “I jut want to DO coffee.”

The naming.

Coffee Wrights means people who create coffee. Wrights means “people who do / make” in old English. In a branding process, a name and a logo were created at the same time. Making a name while shaping the logotype. BAUM picked an old typewriter inspired typeface. The branding creation journey begins from there.

The graphic design.

The CoffeeWrights offers coffee beans carefully selected from all over the world, roasted in-house in Kuramae roastery. In order to deliver the joy of “making coffee” and the commitment to beans as a roaster, the inside of the store, packaging, and paper cups. Think about the role that design should play at every point of contact and face design.

For example, the single-origin package is decorated with colorful patterned labels that recall aromas and flavors from the tasting notes that the roaster has accumulated. This makes it easier to imagine each taste. The drip bag which you can enjoy authentic coffee anywhere, is accompanied with phrases that make it fun to choose one depending on the mood and scene.


Creative direction
Graphic design


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