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Social Distance Posters for small businesses

We are distributing free to use Social Distance posters for small businesses.
To prevent the spread of COVID-19, we thought of business owners adopting social distance regulations in their stores and restaurants.
We hope to help business owners with an easy and simple resource to re-opening their stores and restaurants.
Please use our posters to communicate with your customers.
■ Free download
■ Use the posters as a door sign, website, and social network platforms to communicate with your customers.
■ Free to modify, change, and adding information.

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Happy holidays to you all.
We are BAUM, a branding company based in Japan, Copenhagen, and U.S.A.
To support small businesses around the world we distributed Social Distance posters for the shops, cafes, and restaurants to communicate and practice social distance with customers. It made us happy that the posters were used everywhere we go. As we all know this holiday is a bit different from last year. All the shops and restaurants usually prepare for this festive season, however, they are restricted to delivery and take out only.
We would like to still support small businesses in some way to convey and communicate social distance with a holiday touch.
Please feel free to use, edit, and alternate our Holiday version Social distance posters.